• The Fiľakovo Castle National Cultural Monument (Photo: Zoltán Schnelczer)
  • Building of Vigadó (Photo: Gábor Illés)
  • Berchtold Manor House (Photo: Zoltán Schnelczer)
  • The City Park (Photo: Zoltán Schnelczer)
  • The Church Devoted to Holy Mary´s Assumption and the Franciscan Monastery (Photo: Zoltán Schnelczer)
  • The Novohrad Tourist and Information Centre
  • Town Hall
  • The Fiľakovo Castle National Cultural Monument (Photo: Zoltán Schnelczer)

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Fiľakovo Town Hall
Radničná 25, 986 01 Fiľakovo
Tel., fax: +421-(0)47-4381001
Email: mesto@filakovo.sk

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday:
7:30 - 11:30 a.m. /
12:30 - 4:00 p.m.
Friday: 7:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Hiking trail: Fiľakovo -› Hajnáčka (railway station) -› Nature Conservation Area Pohanský hrad -› Saddle Garád -› Saddle below Monica -› Obručná -› Mačacia Quarry -› Šiatorská Bukovinka

  • Degree of difficulty: moderately difficult
  • Length of trail: approx. 20 km (12.5 miles)
  • Time: approx. 4 h 35 min
  • Elevation gain: 343 m (1125 feet)

Trail marks:

  • green markers (trail number: 5486) - marks access roads leading to interesting touristic destinations
  • red touristic marks (trail number: 0813) - the most important ridge trails

Trail map:

trail map

Level of preservation:

  • Nature Conservation Area Pohanský Castle: level 5
    Can be visited on the marked trails. Please adhere to the rules for the level of preservation that is marked.
  • Mačacia Quarry: level 2
    Please adhere to rules for the level of preservation that is marked.


  • Obručná - accomodation, meals
  • Šiatorská Bukovinka - restaurant
  • gas station on the border (SK)

Other attractions:

  • Entrance to NCH Šomoška: playground with wooden swings, small football field, fire pit, snack, postcards, souvenirs, etc.
    The tower is open from April 1st till October 31st. The nature trail is open year round.
  • Entrance fee for the nature trail - including NCH Šomoška Castle: adults 1.15 €, children and students 0.50 €. Parking fee for cars: 1.15 €, buses 2.30 €
  • Reservoir Šiatorská Bukovinka with the possibility to fish (with a valid licence).


Fiľakovo - Hajnáčka žel. stanica

Šiatorská Bukovinka - Fiľakovo


(numbering on photos corresponds to numbering on the map)
obrázok 1
(1) Hajnáčka, railway station
obrázok 2
view of the village of Šurice
obrázok 3a
(3a) heat loving grass plant by nature park Soví hrad
obrázok 3b
(3b) in the background the crest of Monica
obrázok 4
(4) the edge of an oak forest
obrázok 5
(5) Pohanský hrad Nature Conservation Area (NCA)
obrázok 6a
(6a) Pohanský hrad (NCA)
obrázok 6b
(6b) Pohanský hrad (NCA)
obrázok 6c
(6c) Pohanský hrad (NCA)
obrázok 7a
(7a) beech grove in Pohanský hrad (NCA)
obrázok 7b
(7b) beech grove, linden-tree and maple
obrázok 8
(8) information board by Garád saddle
obrázok 9a
(9a) Mačacia Quarry
obrázok 9b
(9b) Mačacia Quarry

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